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NIELSEN RATING SYSTEM AT ODDS WITH RIAA'S CLAIM OF "LOST SALES"; RIAA says sales are down. Soundscan says "Wha..?" Who should you believe?

When speaking this month to a representative from Soundscan, the company that provides much of the data for the Billboard Top 200 Chart, I learned things that would contradict reported statements by the RIAA. Mainly that US labels have had a significant reduction in sales over the past three years. Cary Sherman, president of the RIAA, responded personally, put his rebuttals on the record and in the process exposed intriguing insight into the way the RIAA calculates "losses."

Read the full article "Nielsen Rating System At Odds With RIAA's Claim Of 'Lost Sales'" at MusicDish Network member site Entertain The Thought, Arts, Entertainment & Media careers

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